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Website Redesign

Does your site look out-of-date?

The internet is constantly changing.  If you’ve had your website for awhile, you may be ready for a facelift.  Maybe you tried the first one yourself, and now you’re ready for a more professional look.

Do you want more results from your website?

Maybe you like the look of your site, but it’s just not generating the business you had hoped.  This can be caused by several things.  Are people finding you online?  When people find your site, are you able to convert them into customers?  Do you have tracking in place to help you find the answers to these questions? Can you update your website yourself?

Are you ready to add a blog or social media links?

Maybe you’ve done everything right so far, but the internet is just racing a step ahead. These days, a site almost seems incomplete without the integration of social media and new web 2.0 features.

We offer a wide variety of services to redesign or upgrade your website:

  • conversion to CMS for easy editing
  • adding a blog
  • adding a free report or email sign-up form
  • adding links to your social networking pages
  • adding bookmark options to your posts or articles
  • adding an rss feed to syndicate your content
  • complete website redesign
  • Connect on Facebook

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